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All You Need to Know About Semi Framed Shower Screen

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(Last Updated On: 26/02/2021)

Shower screens are the essential interior thing when it comes to bathroom designing. It not only gives your bath space a sleek and stylish look but also helps in keeping the floor dry and moisture-free. One of the most popular among the shower screens that are currently trending is the semi framed shower screen and there are quite a few reasons for it being so popular.

Here are a few reasons why these shower screens have become people’s choice in recent times.

  • The unbeatable price
  • One of the many reasons why semi framed shower screens have been in high demand is their affordability. These shower screens go quite easy in your pocket and thus most homeowners with large families choose them. Unlike the other types of shower screens, these are available at prices that fit everyone’s budget. The semi frames screens are also available in a wide variety of designs to suit every home’s requirements. With an affordable price tag, these shower screens definitely give you style and elegance all within your budget.

  • Unmatchable style
  • When it comes to bathroom designs, we all look for a sleek and clean style that is easy to maintain. Semi framed shower screen offers the homeowners a stylish bathroom that is modern, cost-effective, and is good for large families. Semi framed screens enable you to use the space in a better way with a sleek frame sliding around the outer boundary of the shower space. Generally, clear glass is used for these shower screens to make the bath space look bigger. However, you have the option to choose from tinted, frosted, slump glass, and even etched glass for the screens.

    One of the best things about these shower screens is that it can be customized according to the size of your bathroom. This makes it an immensely popular choice for people who are looking for space utility and budget.

  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Semi screen shower screens come with exceptionally low maintenance. Since these shower screens are somewhat frameless there are fewer nooks and crannies that require everyday cleaning. Clear glass makes it easier to clean. However, the intervals between these cleaning sessions will depend on the usage of the bathroom. If compared with other types of shower screens, this one tops the list when it comes to daily upkeep. The low maintenance makes it extremely popular for people living a busy life.

    The glasses that are used for the screens are 6mm thick which is quite sturdy. This makes the screens last longer than the other variety. The strength and durability make them a good bargain for families with kids and elderly members.

    Durability, longevity, easy maintenance, and affordability make the semi screen shower screen a popular choice among people who like to get value for their money. Its features and benefits make the semi framed shower screens a very sensible choice for most people in Sydney, Australia. If you are planning for a renovation, make sure you consult Iron Glass who are experts for the best-customized solution for shower screens for your bathrooms.