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Elegant Mirrors & Splashbacks

Mirrors & Splashbacks

Mirrors and Splashbacks create sophisticated effects to the surrounding by creating the impression of timeless reflection. We have a wide selection of Bathroom Mirrors suitable for any kind of bathroom design. Our high quality mirror designs will add more elegance to your bathroom.

Give a complete makeover to your kitchens by adding elegant looking splashbacks from Iron Glass. We can help with your kitchen renovations to be completed smoothly by providing you with multiple designs to choose from to get your ideal kitchen.

Our Specializations:

• Polish edges mirrors
• Bevelled edges mirrors
• Splashback mirrors
• Glass painted splashback
• Aluminium Splashback (Made of a high density mineral fiber core wedged between two sheets of aluminium it is highly durable and resistant in time.)

After completion, you get a high gloss paint product that provides a similar reflective look as a customary glass splashback.

Stylish Bathroom

Polish edges mirrors

Stylish Bathroom Mirror

Bevelled edges mirrors

Affordable Kitchen joinery

Splashback mirrors

High Quality Mirror splashback

Glass painted splashback

Kitchen Joinery

Aluminium Splashback