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Iron Glass – The Best Semi-Framed Shower Screen

At Iron Glass Pty Ltd, we offer the best semi framed shower screen in the region. Our products are modern, stylish, and slim. Our semi-framed shower screens are a product that you must have in your bathroom. They come with impressive features like slim perimeter frames. Excellent quality Australian Toughened glass is used for shower screens. You can never go wrong when you hire us to do such work.

The popularity of our products

Our products are very popular across Sydney, and with excellent reason.

One of the best things about our products is that you can use them in new homes as well as in renovated ones. We use the best materials such as toughened glass, so you have all the safety that you need from such a product. This is how we create the experience that you look for in your bathroom. When you use our products, you would upgrade your restroom and your life would be a lot better for it.

A few words on our products

We normally use the best materials such as aluminium frames to support these semi-framed shower screens.

In these cases, they act as the skeleton of the semi framed shower screen. We also use tempered glass to lend stability to the entire setup. This makes sure that you do not have to change your bathroom accessories too often. Our products are durable as well as elegant.

In these cases, they act as the skeleton of the semi framed shower screen. We also use tempered glass to lend stability to the entire setup. Our products are durable as well as elegant.

Offering a wide range of choice

We offer you all a wide range of products to choose from. This includes the difference in key factors such as appearance, functionality, and overall structure. We design these products in such a way that they complement your bathroom.

However, we always make sure we do not change the basic component structure of the product. Apart from aluminium, we may also use stainless steel to support the frames of the semi-framed shower screens. As the name of these products would show, in these cases the frame is only on the outer part of the screen. We can provide them in any shape that you want – arc, polygonal, and square.

Why should you buy from us?

There are so many reasons why you should buy a semi framed shower screen from us. First, we have been in the industry for over 25 years now. We offer you the most customisable products in the market. If you can think about it, we can deliver it. We also offer you quick and high-quality service. We are immensely proud of our capability to assist you whenever you may need our services. We also offer a wide range of services apart from shower screens such as mirrors and splashbacks, frameless glass fencing and balustrades, and standard & customized wardrobes.

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If you want to know more about our products and services, please visit our office at 1 Suffolk Street, Ingleburn, NSW 2565.

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