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Types of Shower Screen to Consider for Bathroom Renovation

(Last Updated On: 30/04/2021)

If you are considering a bathroom renovation, then maybe you are already convinced that changing the shower screens or installing a new one is one of the best ways to give your bathroom an entirely new look. But after you have decided to invest in a shower screen you will have to make yet another especially important and critical choice about how you should go about choosing the right shower screen for your bathroom.

There are so many options available for shower screens in Sydney, especially Iron Glass, that it becomes difficult to find a suitable one that not just serves the purpose and suits your bathroom interiors but also fits your budget.

Here is a list of the top three types of shower screens that you should take into consideration to find the most suitable choice for your bathroom:

  • Frameless shower screen
  • One of the most aesthetically beautiful shower screens is the frameless shower screens. The frameless shower screens are also one of the most popular shower screens in Sydney. This is quite evident because they can change the entire look of the bathroom single-handedly and become the centre of attraction. They make the bathroom appear brighter, open, and spacious apart from the sophisticated aesthetics that they provide.

    There is no other type of shower screen that looks more modular and stylish than these shower screens as they add a luxurious look to the bathroom. The design has no framing which also makes the shower screen appear cleaner and sophisticated in design. All of these points add to make them one of the most popular shower screens in Sydney. The only concern in buying these shower screens is that they are comparatively on the higher end when it comes to the cost of the shower screen.

  • Semi-Framed
  • These shower screens are the perfect fit between a fully framed and frameless shower screen. They do not have the same bulkiness of the entire frame as these shower screens and are also not as costly as the frameless shower screens. This makes them a perfect fit when someone wants to achieve a balance between the aesthetic beauty of the shower screen and its cost.

    Only the outer edge has solid styles and the rest of the screen is minimalistic to help to create a light space. Thus, the make bathroom appears much more spacious than the impact that the fully framed shower screen has on the spaciousness of the bathroom.

  • Fully Framed
  • These are some of the toughest and most durable of all the types of shower screens making them perfect for homes whose major concern is the strength and durability of the shower screen. These are ideal for high traffic bathrooms and with the wide variety of customisable options available with the suppliers of shower screens in Sydney, one can easily find the best shower screen according to their need.

    One can always choose the screen that they find most attractive and aesthetically beautiful apart from being a perfect fit according to the interiors of their bathroom and being durable at the same time.

    Moreover, these shower screens are also much more budget-friendly than any other shower screen type and much safer, making them a very pocket-friendly alternative. This is why most people with a limited budget to spare for the shower screen usually opt for investing in these shower screens over other alternatives.

    However, most people have the general concern while opting for these shower screens in Sydney because they are quite bulky in terms of structure. Moreover, they also have much more space available for the dust and dirt to settle, making it necessary to clean them regularly. Thus, one needs to dedicate a certain amount of time and effort to keep these screens clean for a longer period.

    These screens come in sliding as well as pivot designs which makes it easier for you to choose a suitable shower screen according to the space available in your bathroom. However, one needs to ensure that they hire a professional supplier like Iron glass that has a good name for providing quality shower screens in Sydney.