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The safest poolside fencing option is a frameless pool fence - know the reasons why?

Glass Frameless Pool Fence

(Last Updated On: 09/07/2021)

You get many options for pool fences in Australia. However, frameless pool fence has become the most popular option among these nowadays. When you think of it, this seems to be a funny proposition. After all, glass is supposed to be a brittle material, and this is common knowledge.
Therefore, most people, who do not know, may not be at ease with installing frameless pool fence in their homes. The thing is that there are plenty of myths about these products, and the number of people who believe in them is not negligible either. Some people opine they are weak and so they might break easily. Others feel they are not durable enough. Others doubt how effective they can be.
However, these people do not understand one thing – there is a lot of difference between the usual glass and the kind of glass used to make these fences.

A frameless pool fence should be made from the best glass.

Frameless pool fence offers you the best protection, and this is because the companies make such products from the best glass out there. The glass with which they make such fences is 6 times stronger than normal glass.
Therefore, it is almost impossible to break such glass, let alone shatter it. Such glass is also used for other applications such as windshields and shower doors – basically, any surface that is supposed to brace for impact.
They also engineer these products so that they can deal with the strongest winds and deal with plenty of pressure. It is made in such a way that it can last a lifetime.

They have to follow certain rules and regulations

  • As per Australian laws, the frameless pool fence should be at least 12 mm thick
  • Its chemical and thermal makeup should be such that it can withstand the biggest of impacts
  • Therefore, these products are so strong, durable, and hard to break
  • Australian Standard 2820 states quite clearly that the glass should last for a minimum of 10,000 life cycles
  • This means that it should last a minimum of 10 years

It is hard to climb them

  • It is really hard to climb on a frameless pool fence it borders on the impossible
  • A lot of this has to do with the sleek surface that provides zero friction, which people can use for such an activity
  • This means that even if someone is tall enough to climb them, they would keep slipping if they attempt to climb such pool fences
  • They do not have any divots or grooves that the naughty and curious kids can use to get a foothold
  • You also get them in various heights
  • This helps you meet the pool code-related requirements in your area
  • Depending on which state you live in, they can be anywhere between 4 and 5 feet in height
  • As per laws in Australia, a frameless pool fence should be at least 120 cm in height
  • These laws also state that the gap between the panels should not be over 10 cm
  • It must also be at a minimum distance of 90 cm from any object that people can use to climb it
  • This means that these fences are too tall to climb, too tight to get through, and sufficiently far away from any object that people can use to climb them
  • This way, you need not worry about any intruder accessing the pool without your knowledge or consent, and consequently drowning over there

You get unobstructed views that help you supervise the children a lot better

  • In Australia, accidental drowning is the number one cause of death among children younger than 4 years
  • 76% of these fatal accidents happen at pools in homes
  • A safety barrier can play a major role, but it is not as good as having adult supervision
  • This is where a frameless pool fence can prove so helpful
  • You must supervise your children at all times that they are playing in the pool or near the same
  • The frameless pool fences have well-nigh invisible panels

This allows you the clearest view of the happening in and around the pool and provides safety to your child. Do not compromise with quality and get the best from the best supplier like Iron Glass as they bring long-lasting quality with the latest trendy designs.