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Things to Consider When Planning A Custom Wardrobe

(Last Updated On: 02/04/2021)

If you are renovating your bedroom or planning to design your new bedroom, it means a whole lot of work on the way. Renovating your bedroom needs meticulous planning and designing that will make your bedroom beautiful and suitable for your lifestyle. One of the trickiest parts of designing bedroom furniture is the wardrobe. Wardrobes are an indispensable part of any bedroom and you cannot have enough of them. That is why planning for custom wardrobes in Sydney is the best solution that will not only help you use the space of your bedroom but also make it look stylish and beautiful according to your preference.
So, when you are all set to plan a customized wardrobe here are a few things that will help you understand more about them.

  • Deciding on the storage space
  • A lot depends on the size of your bedroom when it comes to the designing of a wardrobe. The size of your wardrobe will depend on what your bedroom can accommodate. Next comes the storage space. The shelves and spacing have to be designed according to the way you will use the wardrobe every day. You should consult your designer about the collection of your clothes, handbags, shoes, accessories, etc. It will help the designer to lay out a plan that will be perfect for your custom wardrobes in Sydney.

  • Choosing the right colour Design and style
  • Choosing a right colour design and style is one of the most important segments of planning your own customized wardrobe. It has to look good and should match your bedroom interior perfectly. Once you are done with designing the storage compartments, you need to plan the colour schemes and style of the wardrobe. You can choose the trending styles or more classy and unique designs for your wardrobe. However, consulting your designer on this will help you get the best idea. Do not forget to add lights inside your wardrobe. Adding internal lights not only help you to find things in your wardrobe but also makes it look clean and bright.

  • Where to put the wardrobe?
  • Generally, wardrobes are designed and kept beside the bed or on the opposite side. However, for custom wardrobes in Sydney, use the space that has enough natural light. You may also need to consider the ceiling height while deciding on the space. Asking your designer will give you the best insight on this.

    Are you thinking about a built-in wardrobe?

Well, a built-in wardrobe or a walk-in closet is always a dream for every homeowner. However, it needs separate space alongside your bedroom to make one. Built-in wardrobes are very elegant and classy, and they offer a huge amount of space for storage too. If you have that space it would be a good idea to go for it. It would be a good idea to ask an expert while you design a built-in wardrobe for your home.

Last, but not least

A wardrobe happens to be one of the most essential pieces of furniture for every home. Well, you have not one but quite a few wardrobes at home to store things. Thus, it becomes crucial to design them well and use your space to store more things and make your home look large and spacious at the same time. With custom wardrobes in Sydney offered by Iron Glass, you can have the perfect one for your own.