Designer Glass Balustrade Sydney

Key Benefits of Glass Balustrade

(Last Updated On: 26/03/2021)

Balustrades, however common it may seem, serves a great purpose in supporting the staircases, pools, and balconies, internally as well as externally. You cannot think of designing a home without any balustrades. Let us say, it would just not be safe. So, if you are building your home or office and looking for some fantastic and stylish balustrade ideas then you should go for glass balustrade in Sydney. Balustrades are made from different materials including wood, stainless steel, metals, wrought iron, etc. However, lately, glass balustrades have become hugely popular among architects, homeowners, and building planners. And there are quite a few reasons for this soaring popularity.

Here are the key benefits of the glass balustrade in Sydney that has made this thing an integral part of every home.

  1. It creates an illusion of larger space
  2. One of the best things about glass is that it is usually transparent. This transparency enables glass to create an illusion of a larger space than it actually is. For modern homes, space is a constraint and when you use glass balustrade it helps in making your stairs and the space look bigger.

  3. It is great for any modern home
  4. Glass balustrade in Sydney is one of the most stylishly done balustrades for homes and offices. The glass can be transparent, opaque, etched, or carved. But it adds to the style stamen and décor of the place and makes it even more elegant and classy. It gives a clean and clutter-free look that every modern-day homes and offices desire to.

  5. It will not block the lights on the stairs
  6. Glass has always proved to be the best material when you are looking for light. Transparent glass balustrades are installed because it does not block light. So, if you are not installing lights around the stairs, the glass balustrades will help the lights shine through and lit up the stairs nicely. If your stairs run along the windows, then natural light can flow in and light up your space.

  7. It is extremely low maintenance
  8. Glass is always incredibly low maintenance and thus when you choose glass balustrade in Sydney that will never burn a hole in your pockets. All you need is a clean lint-free cloth to clean and gently wipe the dust on the balustrade. Unlike wood and metals, it does not need any polishing or gets starches or stains.

  9. Glass balustrades are durable and long-lasting
  10. The type of glass that is usually used for balustrades are very thick and tempered. Thus, it gives durability and longevity. While the look is delicate, glass balustrades are one of the most durable options when it comes to balustrading stairs and balconies in offices and homes. One of the major benefits of using glass is that you will never have to worry about corrosion or pest infestation.

  11. Glass goes well with any other material
  12. Glass always gives a designer enough versatility to team them up with other materials such as wood, stone, steel, and other metals. It goes well with every house building material.
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