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How Thick Should A Frameless Pool Fence Be?

frameless pool fence

(Last Updated On: 19/03/2021)

Poolside is the best place to hang out with your friends, relatives, and family. Whether you are enjoying a quiet evening or partying with friends or having a fun Sunday with family, poolside always plays an important role. However, accidents do happen around the pool and thus it becomes very essential to install fencing around any pool. Keeping in mind the safety as well as the aesthetics of the place you can install a frameless pool fence made from thick tempered glass. This will not only make the pool area safe for kids and adults but also enhance the overall look of the place.
While choosing a glass pool fence there are a few things that you would need to consider, especially if you are living in Australia.

Before you look out for the best frameless pool fence installer, here are a few things you must know:

  1. It should be according to the Australian standards
  2. According to the Australian standards, if you have a pool that is more than 300mm deep then it is compulsory to install a safety fence around it. For glass fencing, the standard is AS 1926.1-2012 Safety Barriers for Swimming Pool which must be complied with. The quality of the glass should pass the Australian standards in order to be qualified for fencing. The durability of the glass is an important thing to look out for.

  3. The thickness of the frameless glass matters
  4. Now that you wish to install a frameless pool fence, you must check out the thickness of the glass panels. Usually, panels that are not less than 12mm thick are used for pool fencing. However, you can also choose thicker glass for your safety and satisfaction. The thickness of the glass increases its durability and longevity. You must also consider natural causes like strong winds, storms, and heavy rain while choosing the glass fence.

  5. Best quality spigots
  6. It is always recommended to use high-quality spigots when you are installing a frameless pool fence. Premium quality compression spigots should be used for frameless glass fencing in order to provide the panels with utmost stability. These spigots are fixed to glass that comes with pre-drilled holes on them. The compression spigot comes with a bolt that runs inside the glass holes to give it a firm anchor.

  7. Height and width of the glass fence
  8. According to the Australian standard, the height of glass fencing has to be a minimum of 1200mm. You can however have higher fencing for your satisfaction. The gaps between each glass panel should be 100mm or less. The width of the glass for a frameless fence varies between 1800 to 1900mm. It would be a good idea to ask your installer about these specifications in detail.

  9. Style of the glass fence
  10. When it comes to the frameless pool fence, the general choice of glass is the clear ones. Transparent glass always looks good around the swimming pool. It adds to the style of the place and keeps it clean. Maintaining transparent glass panels is also quite easy.
    Pool fencing is a must for every Australian home. Thus, getting the best fencing that meets the Australian standard is what you should look for. Talking to Iron Glass who are experts in frameless pool fencing will help you find the best option for your home.