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At Iron Glass Pty Ltd we enjoy immense demand for our frameless shower screens in Sydney. We give much of the credit in this case to the fact that we use only the best materials to make these products. The same goes for our custom shower screens. The thing with glass is that it is an element that rarely attracts a lot of attention. Despite its inconspicuous presence though, it makes a lot of impact in every room that you place it though. It makes spaces appear to be larger than they are. It floods dimly lit rooms with light.

When you use our frameless shower screens in Sydney in your bathroom, you instantly make your outdated bathroom look hip and cool.

A few words on our frameless shower screens

There are many reasons why you should have a customised and frameless shower screen in your bathroom. The first such reason it would change the way your bathroom looks. It would make it look highly contemporary. After all, this is the look that you want in your bathroom, don’t you? The key point of difference between these products and the framed doors and shower units is that the frameless products seem to be invisible.

Making your bathroom look open and spacious

This makes your bathroom feel a lot more spacious and open. It gives your bathroom that spa-type feel you love so much. This is, in fact, the reason why there is such demand for these custom shower screens all around the capital city of NSW (New South Wales). We use the best materials to make our products such as 10 mm A-grade toughened safety glass. We are also masters at customising every frameless shower screen, just as you want it. We also consider the unique layout of your bathroom for such work.

Using the best materials to make the screens

We also use the best hinges to secure our frameless shower screens in Sydney. Our hinges are 100% solid brass. We also make sure that we never compromise on the quality of our products. Therefore, we make all our products at our factory, thus making sure that we have total control over the aspect of quality. We also use the best glass processing equipment to make sure that we can make all kinds of beautiful and customised frameless shower screens you want from us. If you wish to know more about our products, talk to our consultants and they would tell you all that you want to know about how we can customise your shower screens.

The increasing popularity of frameless shower screens

In the last few years, frameless custom shower screens have become very popular. There are several reasons for that. The first such reason is that when you add such a shower screen in your bathroom, you are making a simple yet effective upgrade to your bathroom. This is something that would add a sense of luxury to your entire home and make your bathroom a lot more valuable.

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